In light of the Presidents directive that there be no gatherings of over 10 people, we are making more changes to our upcoming services. This Sunday’s service will be streamed live on facebook beginning at 11:00. This will continue each week until we have the go ahead to meet. We encourage you all to tune in and watch. Invite others to join us. Use this as an opportunity to reach out to a neighbor or a friend. This is a time for the church to act in love and concern, not to react out of fear for ourselves.

This is new for all of us. These are uncertain times and things are quickly changing around us. Be certain that God is still on the throne and has not changed. His promises have not wavered. His purpose for His people here on earth at this time has not changed. Our slogan for our church is “A lighthouse in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula”. This is the time to let the light of Christ shine. While the world is panicking we can be sharing our hope. We can be fearless, knowing that we have our unchanging God and an unchanging hope. We should exhibit so much hope that people will ask what is the source of our hope and confidence.

Maybe you are reading this today and your hope has been shaken. Maybe you have lost your focus and the problems of this world have become bigger to you than God. I would encourage you to plant yourself firmly in His Word. Get to know the Psalms. Psalm 46 may be a good place to start. Meditate on and memorize the word.

As always, Pastor Wes and myself as well as our wives are available to talk to you. The coffee (and maybe cookies) is on in the office and at our homes. We would love visits (now face book messenger only), phone calls, and to pray with you. Please know that we desire to help in any way that we can.

Until we see you again,

Pastor Brad